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14 Responses to Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 9 – Functions

  • michael Daley says:

    i plan to use what i learn here for evil

  • Martin Bluck says:

    So, declaring and creating a function is a bit like creating a variable
    that’s been given a text value?
    Is that right?

  • Ng Jit says:

    /tmp/ccjxkfyb.o: In function `printTest()’:
    anothertest.cpp:(.text+0xa): undefined reference to `std::cout’
    anothertest.cpp:(.text+0xf): undefined reference to
    `std::basic_ostream >& std::operator< < >(std::basic_ostream
    >&, char const*)’
    anothertest.cpp:(.text+0x14): undefined reference to
    >& std::endl >(std::basic_ostream
    anothertest.cpp:(.text+0x1c): undefined reference to
    `std::ostream::operator<<(std::ostream& (*)(std::ostream&))' /tmp/ccjxkfyb.o: In function `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int, int)': anothertest.cpp:(.text+0x55): undefined reference to `std::ios_base::Init::Init()' anothertest.cpp:(.text+0x64): undefined reference to `std::ios_base::Init::~Init()' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

  • Colin Maher says:

    I am learning more from these videos than a whole year in college. 

  • Zakir Shaikh says:

    Help plz.:
    Is it possible to ran a program without braces?
    If yes plz share the code!!! 

  • Roshan Kotian says:

    Can we prototype it in the main function?

  • zarmotix says:

    inst it better to make classes and maybe split into header files rather
    than making lots of functions for C++, functions is more a C language thing

  • Vivian Pang says:

    it’s quite obvious that bucky likes peanut butter and jelly alotttt

  • Chel Castel says:

    So what exactly is the point of function prototyping? Bc really it’s just
    extra typing for the programmer. Does it have certain advantages?

  • Zach Williams says:

    If you use prototyping does it slow down your application more so than just
    starting off with the function? I am asking in case I use this on a larger

  • sahil9821 says:

    Man, you’re amazing, this is a life saver! 😀 

  • k2datrack says:

    Best explanation in c++ I’ve ever gotten. subscribed!

  • Mireille Namar says:

    Please , can someone tell me what’s wrong with this code ??
    it works on code blocks , but it won’t waork on code forces 🙁

    using namespace std;

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])

    float g, H;
    g = 10;
    cout < < "Enter height value" << endl; cin >> H;

    if (H>=1)
    cout<< 2 * g * H << endl; else cout << "invalid height" << endl; return 0; }

  • NaKaJo EGY says:


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