Learn to write bash scripts in Linux which support multitasking asynchronous execution, and running PHP scripts from the terminal. Topics Covered: – 4:05 – O…
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4 Responses to 314 – Linux Terminal Scripting and Executable PHP Scripts – #Cat5TV Category5TV

  • MindMagician69 says:

    F.Y.I. it’s not executable as in executive, it’s executable as in execute ~
    ex·e·cute …

  • Synthandrus says:

    hehe. Bet you appreciate the Mac vs. PC vs. Linux videos. 🙂

  • MI Wright says:

    great timing! I’m contemplating on making a script for myself that makes
    use of devilspie and/or wmctrl

  • Category5 Technology TV says:

    Well, we couldn’t have planned that better! Hope you enjoyed the show! 🙂


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