Twitter refers to a free social networking as well as blogging service, which enables the users to send, as well as read messages, which are called tweets. The tweets are actually text-based posts and are up to 140 characters, which get displayed on the profile page of the author and are received by subscribers or followers of the author. The author may restrict the delivery of the tweets to a particular group, or, allow open access by default. The users may send as well as receive tweets through the Twitter website, SMS and external applications. The service itself is free, whereas, accessing it via SMS might incur charges by the phone service provider.

It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, and today, it has gained immense popularity through out the world. It has been ranked among the fifty most popular websites across the world. According to a rough estimate, it counts for six million unique monthly visitors apart from a whopping fifty five million monthly visits, making it the third most popular social networking website.

This makes way for a unique business opportunity, and a number of people are today using this site to promote their online business. As it is, a twitter script can play a very vital role in this regard. These Scripts offer unique customized twitter apps, which can be used for creating your own Twitter resource website. With your own twitter resource website, you can always promote your products among your followers, providing them the ease to visit your own website and see the products, on display. Now, if you are into online business, then in that case, it would be probable that you want your own Twitter App / Resource website to be created, but at the same time, you may not want to pay a huge sum to a developer to get it developed. In such a case there are many websites which can prove to be of great help in this regard.

One of the most important aspects to be considered in case of these websites is that of API, or Application Programming Interface, which is simply a distinct way for a program to complete a task, which is generally about retrieving or modifying data. Twitter API is used by programmers, for designing applications, websites, widgets, as well as other projects, which interact with Twitter. Don’t forget to check out this feature on the websites too.

These days, a number of twitter apps are used, such as Ada, The Archivist, ATwittX Unleashed Twitter Desktop Client, Blogo, Bluebird, Canary, Celly. OS X., Chirp v.5. OS X, Chitter. OS X, as well as EventBox. OS X.

With all these tools in hand, you an always have a chance to enhance your online business.

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