Some of most popular PHP frameworks have a small issue that they are quite heavy and appear to be a not so friendly for less experienced users. These frameworks contain a huge amount of libraries and extensions, thus are referred to as heavy due to the fact that they, but however there are also lightweight ones which exist, which prove to be equally beneficial. The available lightweight frameworks can effectively help in web and application development.

Some of the common lightweight frameworks, which successfully work for a wide range of development needs, are discussed below:

Kohana PHP Framework





It is widely referred to as fork of CodeIgniter framework and is a MVC-based PHP 5 framework.
The typical features used are in-built, but if certain functionality is required, it can be easily extended with the necessary tools and libraries.
It is mostly preferred by the developers due to the fact that it is every lightweight and is not dependent on other external libraries.
It does not include long configuration files or any other separate code generators.
Kohana seem to be driven by the community and most lengthy monolithic libraries have not been added in order to yield the most optimum results.

Fat-Free Framework






It is largely favored because of its uniqueness and the incredible features it includes, which helps to differentiate it from the rest.
The significant features are packed together in a bundle, where there are separate integration and extension modules for any requirement.
This also comprises a bandwidth meter, which helps to keep a check of the server traffic.
Going by its name, it is very fast and small, where its size is just 55 kb.
Its fat-free size has been acquired by uniting together necessary features into packages and modules for influential development.

DooPHP Framework




It appears to be one of the fastest lightweight frameworks, which uses MVC architecture and works effectively with PHP 5.
It is useful for the developers by not having to write much code, along with noticeable reduction in the cost of development.
DooPHP helps to create sites which can help bring in a huge amount of traffic and sites which load fast when compared to the rest, making it an SEO-friendly framework.
It comprises of a template system, which appears to be simple, but can manage complex development needs.


Above mentioned are a few lightweight frameworks, nonetheless there are many more which exist. In many cases there is no “one” best framework present, as each works better than the other in different situations.

The entire idea of a framework is about being versatile and interactive, therefore, proving its abilities in various situations. Moreover, PHP’s frameworks reduce a lot of time by efficiently utilizing code snippets defined earlier, encouraging re-usability. It is significant to make the right choice, based on your needs to help achieve high performance and quality applications. Hiring a PHP development India Company can help in successfully taking advantage of these frameworks, in order to take your business to great heights.

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