How does it feel to work on a website or opening it when the pages are opened smoothly and without any substantial delay? I am a fan of the social networking sites and spend enough time there and I like tweeting and working on facebook but, one thing makes the difference I have set these two sites as the default in my browser and as and when I open my browser the facebook gets opened within seconds and the same is not with twitter. It takes some extra time. Usually there is no problem but at times it baffles me. The reason is obvious. It all depends on the interface of your website. Since facebook is made in PHP it runs smoothly and that is not the case with twitter. The facebook application developers kept this in mind and we are relatively easy while working in it.

The interface means a lot in the popularity of a website. Everyone likes its pages to be opened quickly. PHP provides this facility and that is why its use in web development has grown tremendously. And that is a reason we have a whole lot of freelance PHP developers in the market. These PHP programmers will work for your website and give you the website ready that functions smoothly. Since freelance programmers often work on their own and their reputation is associated with this work the output is generally very good.

Not only they create a whole new website for you, but if you are already having a website, thanks to wordpress, and then at sometimes you need to install some plugins that wordpress is not providing you then you can take the help of the wordpress plugin developer and they can also make custom wordpress templates and custom wordpress themes for you. That is the benefit of having freelance web developers. Because you can not go to a company just to add a plugin in your wordpress website and even if you do the expenses will be out of bound.

One more thing that can be achieved is the cloning. You have seen facebook and you may have seen similar websites as well then you know what website cloning is. Site clone just gives you the pleasure of working in the same interface that your favorite website is in.

With the use of PHP the website clone seems an easy task and not a tough one. You can create the replica of the original website and apart from the names of websites no visible differences will be seen. PHP which was earlier called personal home page has really lived up to the expectations and can give you almost anything you need in this virtual world.

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