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Creating a simple database driven application with PHP and mysql.
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Each of these frameworks has been released as open source projects, which means that a lot of the development work relies on community support. Tracking bugs, writing supporting  documentation, and providing general support are tasks that involve developers like you. Many times, regardless of the framework you choose, you’ll go to the online community for help. The size of the community and the available online resources may have an impact on how well you experience the framework. In the following sections, I discuss some of the current features of each framework’s online community and how they assist their users in developing software. I recognize that much more could be said about each framework, but my aim is to give you an overview of the user experience relative to Cake, not to write an exhaustive comparison of all the frameworks. You’ll get a general sense of what it’s like to move from one of these frameworks to CakePhP and where to begin when considering making CakePHP your primary development framework.

CakePHP Benefits

Cake has been downloaded more than 680,000 times and remains one of most often searched web frameworks. The discussion group has almost 9,000 active members and has an archive of more than 54,000 moderated threads. At any given moment, the IRC chat room usually has between 100–200 visitors.

Duplication throughout the community is kept to a minimum, so expect to be directed  to a thread or blog post that someone has already used to address the same topic when asking a question or requesting support. You will also probably sense a feeling of perfectionism  in the community. What I mean by that is this—the Cake Software Foundation, which manages Cake’s development, could have easily taken shortcuts when developing the framework.

Compared to other frameworks, CakePHP  would already be considered a version 3.0 or 4.0, but it’s currently at 1.2. This is due more to really tightening up the framework rather than cooking up something fast that could perform a large plethora of methods. The result of this strategy is that CakePHP really is more robust, mature, and well written than it otherwise would be, and you can count on it maintaining its robustness as it takes on more fancy methods. I, by no means, am diminishing the large quantity of built-in methods that rival any other framework’s functions; I’m merely pointing out that one of Cake’s key advantages is its architecture, or, in other words, its methodology—which has been very carefully designed and tested.

Perhaps Cake’s most competitive feature is its find methods for data handling. In my blog, I explained how to use the find() model function to easily fetch database records without writing SQL or other data source queries. By setting find conditions and other parameters effectively, you cut down on the amount of looping and matching thanks to how the model neatly returns result sets. CodeIgniter, unfortunately, comes with basic database helper functions that require you to still write most of the queries in SQL. Symfony uses rather complicated criteria syntax to set find conditions in the model layer that only marginally improve upon PHP’s database functions. And Zend Framework relies almost entirely on your knowledge of SQL syntax to use its database adapter classes. Because Cake’s find methods are designed independently of a data source, they don’t have to follow a specific query language, which makes running finds through the model much easier.

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